Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing Marathon 40

Today's time "writing": 40 minutes.

Tonight was a status check on my stories. It's good to take a moment to count which stories are nearly ready to submit, and find where I'd like to submit them to first. In fact, I found a great place to submit "The Gallant Reseeders" -- er, after a title change and heavy editing. Finding an intended home helped me pinpoint some of the changes that I would like to make as I edit the story.

Speaking of heavy editing, I also submitted, "To Save Samantha". I feel that the story is polished but that it might be difficult to find a home for a story with its experimental structure. I honestly don't know where I'd submit it to if it was rejected from this magazine. At least I won't be waiting long. This magazine is known for an amazing response time.

Tomorrow I'll probably work on the Reseeders, especially the title.

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