Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Met Alethea Kontis Today

Gosh, I love book signings! But I hate driving (knee problem). So, when I learned that Alethea Kontis was coming not only to my state but to my town, you can imagine how excited I was.

And if you can't imagine, add in the fact that I was willing to take my two little ones with me, just to meet her and get a book signed for my cousin. Thanks to grandma and grandpa, I only had to take the weest one. Let me tell you, Perrin loved her. He found the whole thing amazing and tried to "talk" to Alethea as she was doing her reading and answering questions. Perrin is pretty picky, too! (OooOooh, alliteration!). Alethea is a charming lady and it was wonderful to meet one of my favorite authors in person. I learned that she has sequels for Enchanted in the works. Woohoo!

Check out her book tour and everything else Alethea at http://aletheakontis.com/ - Oh, and a fairy godmother told me that the audio book for Enchanted is full of magic ;)

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