Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Card Game

You may have noticed that under "3D Art" there is a promised card game that you can not click on nor learn any thing about. This is a project that my sister Vicki and I have been developing for a while, and that I was finally able to start working on. I'll be doing the art for it and she'll be doing all the magical computer stuff, such as scanning it in and making it look presentable. I'll probably end up doing the majority of the writing and asking her advice on it.

Over the weekend, I designed thirty cards and started the final art work on two (water color). Once I have six of the pieces ready, two for each sort of card, then we will see what magic Vicki and I can do for the writing and other things so that we will have examples to put up while we are working on the rest of it.

Look Away Looks Back

The perfect time to finish a story is the day before school starts! I have finished the first draft of Look Away at 7,141 words. It's my policy not to "look back" on a story until the newness of it has faded. So I won't be trying to edit it between classes just yet. Should I post excerpts of some of my stories? Should I post an excerpt of this one, or is it too short for that?

For now I have added the description to the prose page with the others. It is much easier to write the blurb for the story while it is all fresh in my mind!

I have also added a description for The Catechumen:
Elise is determined to find her husband and get them both to safety after they are separated by a past that she had thought long-dead. Her journey calls on all her powers of magic, mind, body, and spirit as she fights against stiff religiosity on the one hand and moral recklessness on the other.
Would this story be a good candidate for an excerpt?