Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 New Stories

Been getting into short stories a bit now. Here are three new ones:

A Way Out
Harley finds himself in a bad place when he's caught trying to break into a university med lab.
Progress: First Draft Complete (7,600 words)

Illusion Hunter
Venice's job is to go through the forest and get rid of the illusions left over from the war.
Progress: First Draft Complete (4,300 words)

High Security at the Zoo
Joey decides he doesn't like being treated like just another endangered species.
Progress: First Draft Complete (3,000 words)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Website Up!

Thanks to my sister's help and the help of the techies at plesk, the website is back up! It wasn't so much a really hard thing as something that I fail to understand.

I've got a lot of updates to do to the site. O_O <3

Various Projects

The Website: When died and migrated my account to plesk, I couldn't figure out what to do to it to make it work. Thanks to help from my sister, I think it might be working again soon. Still need to upload all the new files-- and then, yeesh, some additions need to be made!

New Podcast + Blurb: Dear Editor, hosted by Victoria (Vicki) and Michelle (Mica), two sisters who share a voracious appetite for reading and knowledge. Vicki and Mica strive to connect fiction and nonfiction, reading and writing, in a blur of relevance to our lives today. What makes a book stick in your memory? Can what you read shape how you view the world? How does a writer achieve that moment of brilliance, that tug on your emotion or your intellect that makes for an unforgettable experience? Delve into a podcast of literary analysis and unabashed philosophical wanderings with two avid Christian readers.

The Catechumen: First Editing phase complete. Unto the second opinion editing!

Bowling with Aliens: Editing? What's that?

A Penny For: This is a short story (12k) that I just finished. In "A Penny For," Carl finds himself in over his head when he decides to risk time travel.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bowling with Aliens - Finished!

Finished at ~47,000 words, making it about 10k words shorter than I had expected. I am very happy to have finished a month earlier than my goal! It turned out that the closer that I got to the end, the more I could/wanted to write at once. My next project is to due a thorough edit of the Catechumen, which has a completed first draft but which I believe may need some consistency editing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bowling With Aliens

I'm at just over 18,000 words, and getting to the part where she actually has to make some decisions, instead of running around like a frightened rabbit. I got to tap slightly on my knowledge of South American exploration (for ruins), so that was fun. I've joined a guild on Gaia that is all about pledging to reach such and such words by the end of the summer. I've pledged 60,000 for this story, because I don't think it will be that long and I can easily do that.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I started a new story, Out of Hell, a few days ago, and it is up to 5,000 words. The story begins three years after swarms of poisonous bats claimed the night for the first time. The many deaths and dangerous nights shut down long-distance travel and broke established commerce. Terese and Leon live on an island with others who have learned how to come together to increase their chances of survival. The two get off to a rocky start until the death of a mutual friend brings to light Leon's desire to leave the island.

Bowling with Aliens - 11600+ words. Reena has yet to realize just how off the beaten path her new friends are.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bowling With Aliens

Now at 10,000+ words. I added about 1,000 words today, meaning that I managed to write 3,000 words during the school semester. It's not much, but it's a huge accomplishment considering how busy I was with my last semester of school. I have hope for this story as it is one where, whenever I sit down to write for it, I can. There is no sitting in front of the computer screen with my mind wandering to other things. If I can continue to work out the plot ahead of where I'm at with the draft, every thing should continue smoothly, and with any luck at a faster pace.

The tone and purpose of the story is developing nicely. Reena lives in a world that is simply unfit for her intelligence and ambition. It should be unfit for any human being. She finds herself stifled under an oftentimes subtle but always pervasive authority. There will be moral conflict along the lines of "don't bite the hand that feeds you" and "when is violence justifiable?". She will make friends. There will be good times.

I didn't put much time into any thing else creative. Just notes here and there and the occasional RPG post.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Bowling with Aliens" now at 6000+ words. It's pretty much the only thing I worked on during break, in part because I did a lot of traveling. I'm starting an activity log now, in the hopes that if I see a ton of check marks by "RPG" and not a lot by "writing", I'll feel ashamed and write more. It's not a count of length or time spent, but simply a count of sessions. Even small sessions add up. Wish me luck, as now I have quite a number of ideas for stories that I could potentially be working on. :) Forward with gusto into the new year!