Sunday, May 13, 2012

Writing Marathon 37

Yesterday: 30 minutes writing the review for "Shift" by Kim Curran. Almost done with that one!

Today: 1 hr. A bit of the review, but mostly writing in the scifi "The Gallant Reseeders".

I was going to call "The Gallant Reseeders" flash, but as it's almost up to 2k now and not finished, we'll see. It could hit 3k with some effort towards that goal. It was nice not to feel too tired and to be able to think about my stories while I was putting the baby to bed, instead of having to direct all of my energy to not falling asleep myself. Thinking about it ahead of time allowed me to write 1k in 45 minutes, which is about average for me. I might want to use next time to get the end of it out a bit faster so I can move on to revisions. As soon as I figure out what the end will be. Haha!

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