Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Review: true.love by Alethea Kontis

Alethea Kontis story true.love now appears in two great anthologies!

Game On!
Game On! A GameLit Anthology by [Sharp, Anthea, Kontis, Alethea, Cannon, Sarra, Sabine, Avril, Purdy, Alexia, Peake, Marilyn, Landry, Stephen, Creeden, Pauline, Leya, Angel, Annett, Danielle] 

Once Upon A Star: 14 SF-Inspired Faerie Tales (Once Upon Anthologies Book 4) by [Sharp, Anthea, Cannon, Sarra, Kontis, Alethea, Weldon, Phaedra, Pope, Christine, Jefford, Nikki, Mackenzie, Kasey, Madison, Shawntelle, Purdy, Alexia, Johnson, Jenna Elizabeth, Julia Crane, Jamie Ferguson, Evelyn Snow, Kay McSpadden]
Once Upon a Star 

True.love by Alethea Kontis weaves the wonderment of fantasy into a far-future science fiction where young Brandon spends most of his life in virtual reality while his sister plots an anti-technology revolution. Kontis' expert storytelling brings characters to life in this touching, thoughtful re-imagining of Briar Rose. True.love reads even better the second time around.