Thursday, July 5, 2012

Writing Marathon, Day 89!

Tomorrow is the last day of my goal to write every day for 90 days. So close! I have been flagging a little because we are moving soon and have to get the new place ready, plus pack. So, after tomorrow night I will take the weekend off. Once my break is over, I'll go another 90 days.

This past week I have been writing reviews, helping with the Pendragon Variety magazine, and beta reading. Tonight I got a rejection for "To Save Samantha". It's a difficult piece to find a home for because of the experimental qualities. I have half a mind to podcast it!

The rest of the night I am going to spend reading for upcoming reviews. The next month is looking pretty bleak for reviews. There weren't that many books I was interested in, and then, hello! The distractions mentioned above didn't help. My reading time has been spent packing.

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