Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Last Day of Writing Marathon!

What did I do for my last day of my writing marathon last night? (Day 90!) I took notes on a new story idea and started reading a book I am already loving, to review later. It has been a successful 90 days, and now I am giving myself until Wednesday to slack off and come up with my game plan for my next 90 day marathon.  This time around, I only had one rule: 15 minutes of "writing," and that included almost anything related to writing, prose or fiction. I started with a handful of goals, some of which I met, like my goal to edit and submit work. Next time, I'll show you what my goals are from the get go. I may also add another rule or two. Any suggestions?

I'm excited about the move and about my next set of goals. Although I probably won't be done with arranging things in the house by Wednesday, I think these extra chores will be balanced out by the benefits of the new place, including the fact that there are no stairs. My knees have hurt since the baby was born almost a year ago, and pain drains a person's energy. Plus the computer will be better situated so that whoever is using it is not bothering other people.

The only downside? We won't have internet. Well, I'll have my data connection on my phone. That might mean I'm only posting in the blog once or twice a week. I'll still have a computer and may actually get more done.

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