Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Goal is to work on my Goals...

That Wednesday deadline for my goals went a little soft. I thought we'd be moved in by then and we're not. Today was also C's 3rd birthday, so not making the Wednesday deadline pretty much guaranteed that my goals wouldn't be ship shape before today.

Ah, well. I am happy to report that I've still be doing writing related things on my "break", mostly reading. Tonight I am working a little on YA reviews for sffwrtcht. My interview of Stephen Wallenfels, author of POD, came out on the 12th, and the next couple weeks are looking a little thin due to a gap of books that interested me. Quantum Coin just arrived in my mailbox, and I just finished Shadowfell, not to mention Splendors and Glooms, so there are plenty of reviews in the queue!

I do still feel that I need more defined goals for this next writing marathon, so I'll be throwing some wet bullet points and seeing which ones stick to the wall.

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