Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Happens When You Have No Main WIP

I was excited to finish "Adopted" (which still needs a new name) that between that and day-to-day distractions, I haven't gotten much writing done since. I have been trying to chose a "main project" which is historically important for me when it comes to actually getting writing done. A main project, for me, is the thing that you have your mind on as a writer. The thing that you take breaks from when you need to, and so you might get a few words in here and there on other projects, but still the main thing that you make progress in. The thing that you can point to and say "I wrote this day/week/month." Often, side projects are truly distractions in that they never get finished, so the work you put into it ended up being just to keep your skills sharp. That is, they never get finished unless and until they become the main project.

Logically I should chose one of my former "side" projects for my new main project, and develop that. There is one scifi story in particular, "Fishing Line," that I have been hovering about, but my focus remains scattered. Maybe it makes me nervous because it tackles subject matter I don't normally bother with, though it's the kind of thing I'd be just fine reading. Or maybe it's because I have a baby cooking in my belly!

In any case, I have been getting some writing done-- flash fiction, that sort of thing-- but precious little. Whenever I have trouble getting the word count out, I try to make sure I'm up on keeping the stories I've already finished out there, submitted to some place or another for consideration. I also try to make sure that if I do have any ideas for stories, even if I don't feel like writing them at that moment, that I write out the idea for possible use later. At least I can say I've been doing both of those things.

Still, here's hoping I can have a main WIP sometime soon to really develop and hammer out.

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