Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recent Podcasts

Vicki and I are very happy with our new ability to schedule podcasts in At first it was a little nerve wracking to hit "publish" when you don't want the post to go out that day, but we figured it out. We were so excited about it, we had a few minor slip-ups where we forgot to add in the audio file before the post was published. Now we've got numerous reviews lined up, and regular episodes slated until the 22nd of June. We are really hoping not to have to change the schedule of the podcast just because I'm having a baby, so we'll be trying to record even more episodes ahead of time.

We also have a guest review coming up by @dreamrock! It is tentatively scheduled for the 15th of June. Ominous music!

Lastly, one of our recent episodes, "Star Strek Special," was a delight to record. It's more relaxed than a regular episode, and it's not really a review of the movie, either, though of course the movie spurred the special. Warning: Spoilers!

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