Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adopted -- 14k

So maybe 14k isn't that impressive, considering that I posted way back in March that I was up to 12k. Of course, Adopted isn't the only thing I've been working on, it's just still what I consider my main project, since I have a full outline for it.

I've also been writing a lot of flash fiction. One reason being precisely because it's so short, by definition, and I like the feeling of saying that I have written that day.

I also started a nonfiction project. I've been working as an after school instructor for a handful of years, and this past year I actually had a job that required me to write out my plans for that day in some sort of reasonable format. As part of the nonprofit I helped start, Hope 4 Life Ministries, I plan to compile these lessons and some related advice into an instructors manual of sorts. So, I've been writing for that, too, in the form of lesson plans but also in short essays for the chapter heading and appendix(es).

Dear Editor, the podcast I run with my sister, is still going strong. Episodes are more or less released "on time". Artist Alley podcast, which I run with a friend of mine, is also still running, but on a more random/drawn out "schedule."

I've been badly anemic because of the pregnancy, but thankfully that is getting better. As long as I watch that, I should be able to continuing working-- and writing-- a little longer. Baby is due July 13. :D So on the one hand I am very pregnant and happy to get any writing of any sort done at all. See you around!

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