Saturday, December 8, 2018

Review: Hunter and Fox by Philippa Ballantine

Every year after National Novel Writing Month I like to reward myself with a book (or 5), and boy did this one hit the spot! In fact, to tell the complete truth, I read the first chapter in the middle of November and then had to drop my own writing project long enough to finish reading it. No regrets! I absolutely adore the complexity of this tale and the emotional strength of the characters. Philippa's expert storytelling had me at page one and delivered on every page after.

I first heard of Philippa Ballantine many years ago and now I have finally joined her legions of fans. When I saw the description of this book pop up I knew I had to have it, and when I finished it, I knew I had to have the sequel! So without further ado, Hunter and Fox by Philippa Ballantine:

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(Is that... is that a blurb from Felicia Day?! IT IS!)

The world of Conhaero is in constant flux; mountains can change to plains and then to lakes in a matter of weeks. It is a place where only the most adaptable can survive, but also a refuge to people from other worlds seeking peace—but nothing is as it should be. The native protectors of the realm, the Vaerli are scattered and cursed. The Kindred, the spirits of the land, who once held a pact with them, have disappeared.

Now the Caisah, and his own alien magic rule the land, controlling the peoples and hunting the Vaerli. He also holds the leash of Talyn.

With the promise of freedom for her people, Talyn has become his hunter. She seeks out her enemies because she thinks it is the only way to save the remainder of the Vaerli, but she is a wreck of a once-proud person.

When she is given the task of hunting down Finn, she cannot know the changes that will follow. As teller of tales, Finn carries his own dreadful secret and has his own mission.

For the Kindred are finally moving, and the Vaerli have a chance at redemption and freedom. If Talyn and Finn can find a way back through the past, and into the very heart of this shifting land, then perhaps old wounds can be healed, and the Caisah defeated. Maybe Conhaero and its people can find a new kind of peace.

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