Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Marathon Begins!

Tonight begins my "Marathon" re-dedication to writing. I'm dedicating 15 minutes every night to any of several writing projects in various stages of concept, writing, and editing - with a focus on the later two. This is how I accomplished my (diminished version of) NaNoWriMo, which proved that this is a good motivator/method for me to get writing. Right after the kids go to bed is the only time of the day where I am guaranteed those fifteen minutes of uninterrupted concentration. Take what you can get, right?

Tonight I started a stop watch and clocked in just over an hour editing "To Save Samantha," a story I abandoned over a year ago when I decided that life needed to settle down before I could apply myself with any thing like good results. "P" is eight months old now, so I might get a full two hours a night to write, do a chore or two, answer emails, etc. P cried just after I was done editing tonight, and now I'm going downstairs to take the chicken out of the crockpot, then blissful, blissful sleep. Life goes on, but that life shall now include writing fiction.

Special thanks to my friend and fellow writer, Cyd, who is often the final impetus to get me back on the writing track. It's easy to feel comfortable writing two book reviews a month, until Cyd innocently asks you what you've written recently.

Tonight: One Hour. Go me!

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  1. You're welcome. Good to see you having time to write again. Can't wait to see what new, exciting speculations come of it. :-) Cyd