Thursday, December 10, 2015

Review: The Girl in Acid Park by Lauren Harris

The Girl in Acid Park by Lauren Harris is fast-paced adventure and an emotional roller coaster told in the voice of crime-busting, paranormal investigator wannabe Georgia Collins. Georgia has always wanted to be a journalist, but when her underground newspaper Toilet Paper goes viral after her encounter with a ghost, she finds her fame to be of the unpleasant, social-outcast sort. A few heated words later and even her best friend Hiroki is shunning her.

Bereft of her best friend's support, Georgia falls on her resolute nature to drive her forward through a half-baked plan to restore her name by solving another murder.

Lauren Harris writes chest-squeezing descriptions of social anxiety and heart-break, leading to stronger characters who intentionally improve their emotional intelligence. The Girl in Acid Park (The Millroad Academy Exorcists Book 2) is even better than its predecessor, Exorcising Aaron Nguyen (The Millroad Academy Exorcists Book 1).

The Millroad Academy Exorcists is a series of paranormal mystery novellas set in the out-country of North Caronlina, at Millroad Academy prep school. The Girl in Acid Park (Book 2) is now available for preorder:



The Girl in Acid Park (Book 2)

The shenanigans continue...

Unlike her best friend Hiroki, Georgia Collins can't see or talk to dead people. But she recently discovered she can help ghosts move on--no exorcism required! Unfortunately, so did the national media. Her underground blog is not so underground anymore and the Millroad Catholic Academy students with their scandals on exposé are less than thrilled about Georgia's journalistic success.

But Georgia has never been one to let things blow over, so when the police request paranormal assistance on a new murder case, Georgia decides to make the unwanted spotlight work her way and agrees to help...except she didn't expect Hiroki to refuse.


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Lauren Harris

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