Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beta Reading, Reviews, And Pinterest!

<p>Yesterday I finally put in real beta reading time. A chapter a week was one of my goals, after all! Let's not talk about my other goals... ahem.</p>
<p>I discovered today that there is a Blogger App for my phone. Woohoo! Having my posts limited to the length of a text message was restrictive, even for me. </p>
<p>Did you see the new nonfiction project I've been working on? G<a href="">irl, That's Pinteresting</a> is a blog detailing my friend Erin and I's attempt to recreate pins we see for our family - mostly delicious food and fun home schooling activities. Most of my writing time has been going to that and to writing YA reviews. A successful enough month of writing so far!</p>
Tonight: finished my review for Apollo's Outcast, sent it off, and prepared two Pinteresting blog entries.</p>

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