Monday, April 26, 2010

Now with More Podcasting

Some of my prose now appears in Pendragon Variety Podcast, an audio literary magazine and round table discussion that you can find at You can also find Pendragon Variety as a group on Facebook, if you'd like to chat with us there and see when we post new episodes.

Speaking of podcasting! I've just entered the Merciless Storytellers podcasting contest: Can't wait to hear the other entries! Go and read about it so you can enter and/or vote on the entries once they're up.

Still related to podcasting! I finally got around to listening to the DrabbleCast, and it's awesome. My favorite episode so far is "Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs." Come on. Doesn't that just sound fantastic? I've joined their forum and have had some fun writing Drabbles, which are 100 word stories. Here's an example of one I wrote and posted on the forums:

Columbus thought the Arawak so friendly, so defenseless. When he tried to take a few of us as souvenirs, we shot our light-guns and called our protectors down from the sky. Now the Pinta sits in a museum back on Earth, a small footnote in the tourist attraction that is Guanahani island. At first we were a little put out to lose our ancestral homeland, but the fifteen-percent cut goes a long ways when all of humanity wants to visit the site of The Great Reveal. We may not speak our own language any more, but who on Earth does?

On a final podcasting note, I missed a Dear Editor last week. Aw. But other than that, we've totally kept up with it! There have been a lot of mini episodes, which are written, recorded, etc. by myself, because it's the end of the semester for Vicki and that sort of thing. Check it out if you haven't already!

More updates on the non-podcast-y part of my writing when I have something that's a completed draft, completely edited and/or accepted to publish somewhere.

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