Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Bit Here, Little Bit There

A personal note: My son Corwin was born July 9th!
So then how am I posting to say any thing about writing? Well, sometimes he just wants to be held, and sometimes that is when I can write. Flash fiction, of course. If you want to ask me more about how I'm accomplishing this, email me at mr.mulington.the.3rd (at) gmail (dot) com

New acceptance: Nanoism will publish a twitter fiction of mine November 2nd.

I wrote a few nonfiction articles to try my hand at it, but ultimately I still love fiction the best.
eHow articles:

I've been catching up on podcast fiction (EscapePod, Podcastle, and Murder at Avedon Hill) and ran across yet another story by Ian Creasey that I love at EscapePod. I emailed him and he responded. Pretty cool, that.

One thing that has had to wait though is podcasting. Oh well!


  1. Congratulations on the new bundle. Late nights nursing my children brought me back to writing again. Actually, it was a very late night of my son's screaming that drove me to write a funny poem to cope, and I was back at it again. Kid in one arm, pecking the keyboard with the other, bliss.

  2. It drive me nuts to write with one hand, but sometimes he is in the swing and is happy until it winds down, so it's not like I can sleep because I have to keep winding it up! I write then, and it usually IS in the middle of the night.