Friday, June 5, 2009

Recording Bluuuues

I was looking forward to recording this weekend with my co-host for Dear Editor, but today I learned that she's come down with a sore throat. Aw. Here's hoping she curls up with some chicken soup and gets better soon! Usually it's me that's too sick to want to record. There was a long period earlier this year where my voice just sounded too awful because of allergies. In fact, if you listen to the episodes, I bet you can pick out which was the last we recorded before we decided that my voice was too distorted.

One of the reasons I wanted to record was because next Monday's release, "The Reset Button," is currently the last regular episode we have up and ready. We have several reviews, though! Including, on the 15th, a guest review of Cold Duty.

Speaking of reviews, I've been reading Crime and Punishment. Remember the last time I did a review of a classical piece? I was very disappointed in “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” by Richard Wright, because I'd read novels by him that I'd liked. And that brings me to a story.

My husband and I were talking to friends a week or so ago and somehow he started talking about an essay he hated doing back in High School. One thing he hated about it was that his teacher picked the subject-- the author and the story-- that he was to write about, and the essay had to be longer than the actual story! Then he starts describing the story to us and lo and behold! If it ain't friggen "The Man Who Was Almost a Man!" His hatred for the story burns as deep as mine, so much so that he remembered it many years later. Truly we were meant for each other.

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