Friday, June 1, 2012

YA Report: Wilde's Fire by Krystal Wade

In case you missed it other other day, my review of Wilde's Fire is now published at Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Chat:

Wilde’s Fire by Krystal Wade is the first in a YA fantasy romance series with horror elements. In Wilde’s Fire, the gods have decided that it is time to bring Katriona back home to save her people from an invasive army of twisted creatures whose mysterious leader is known only as Darkness. Luckily, Katriona is not expected to save the world on her own. In Encardia she has magic, and she has Arland, who is sworn to protect her, and with Arland comes the rag tag army that he leads. The first book focuses on Katriona’s moral dilemma with her best friend, Brad, who has recently confessed his love for her, but who is abnormally possessive. Next to Arland, the young rebel leader that has graced Katriona’s dreams for years and who is tied to her by powerful magic, Brad doesn’t stand a chance. Now if only Katriona can find a way to tell Brad without breaking his heart and giving Darkness another soldier for his army.

Head on over to Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Chat to read more!

P.S. In an upcoming interview, Krystal Wade referred to Wilde's Fire as dark fantasy, and I think that genre label fits very well. Enjoy!

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