Saturday, June 2, 2012

Writing Marathon 57

Today's writing time: 16 minutes, embellishing notes.

I've been coming up against an urge to relax on my writing resolution, but I know that it's the every day aspect that is the foundation of any success I have and will get from my efforts. Part of me says, "Oh, come on! Just one day slacking off can't do much harm." Yes, self. Yes, I know that Outlander is a very good and a very long book and we're not at the end yet. This is why I made the minimum requirement a paltry 15 minutes, so that no matter what was going on to pressure me to let a night or two go, I can always berate myself: "It's just fifteen minutes! Who doesn't have fifteen minutes?"

Well, I've done my fifteen, and since I'm talking to myself, I'd better head to bed. ;)

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