Thursday, June 7, 2012

Writing Marathon, Day 62

Yesterday's writing time: 35 minutes
Today: 50 minutes

I have been doing some hard core outlining and world building, and I'm up to 40 or so scene cards. The outline now sports a grab-you opening, a cliff-hanger ending, and an ominous card that says "BOOK TWO" with a few scene cards behind it. Book one isn't done, mind you, but a few of the ideas I have don't logistically fit in book one. Holding that thick stack of scene cards is a sure way to remind me that I've got enough character threads for book one already. Now I'm getting to the point where I want the cards to say more than "Cedric is kidnapped," and as I clarify each scene and work out more world building details, I'm sure they'll be more scene shuffling to do. Some of the scenes already link nicely from one to the next. I keep thinking that I should stop and work on a project that is nearer to completion (ahem, People of the Sea!) but I haven't been this excited about this story in over a year.

I also find it difficult to do revision work when I am in a period of transition for all that real world nonsense. It's stupid, but even when the transitions are good ones, anticipating being interrupted is a killer to my drive. That goes back to the reason that a nightly writing time has worked so much better for me than trying to write during the kids' nap. I'm often interrupted by the baby at night, but unless they're ill (aw), any interruptions are followed by going back to sleep. That's like hitting the pause button. Speaking of which...

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