Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: #Dreamers by Samantha Priestley

In Dreamers by Samantha Priestley, boyfriend Pete laughs off Fran's belief in the power of dreams. When Rob takes Fran seriously and takes a risk, their friendship fractures and the wheels are set in motion for Fran's dreams to come true - but not in the way that Fran expects. In the end, is it the dreams that are more powerful, or the characters' interpersonal choices? Fran certainly has her regrets.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: The Lost Pony of Riverdale

So, I know that this one is a little different than what I usually review because it's not speculative fiction, but AHHH PONIES!!!


The Lost Pony of Riverdale by Amanda Wills made my 11-year-old heart squeal with joy. This sweet middle grade novel tackles a few big issues like depression and anger, brought on by the death of Poppy's mother years back and the new family's sudden move to the country with Poppy's stepmother of several years. Poppy's actions and understanding of the world around her are spot on for her age, and she matures by the end, no longer seeing her kind stepmother as the enemy. Her six-year-old brother is a great supporting character who adds adventure the way only a six-year-old can. The setting feels real-to-life, as does the care required for such a large animal.

The Lost Pony of Riverdale is a story of underdogs, disappointment, and moving on from tragedy through love. Pick it up here on [ Amazon ] to start reading immediately.

There are several books in the series (Yay!) and you can get the first three as a bundle on [ Amazon ].

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