Thursday, April 26, 2012

Writing Marathon 21

1 hr, complete edit run-through of a 4k fantasy story, "Spoils of a Long Dead War."

You wouldn't believe how many titles this poor story has had, nor how hard each title has tried to sound dirty (The Hunter's Stones, any one?). I think it is ready to submit, and I know where I want to submit it, but I find it advisable to let it sit at least one more day so I don't get submission regret. Otherwise known as that moment that you pop out of a deep sleep realizing that you should have changed this or that before sending it off. Or the moment that a beta reader you gave up on gets back to you with a typo that you missed.

We'll see tomorrow!

And if you are wondering why I've been editing so many stories at once, the short answer is because there are so many to edit. Switching between them allows me to "drawer" my stories without actually losing any editing time. This story is one that I suddenly recalled as being ready or near-ready to submit, and my current game plan is to first work on the stories that are nearest to ready so that I can have a few running around in submission piles while I'm editing or writing the next batch. Something about not being published if you don't submit any where.

Speaking of publishing, tomorrow I plan to work on writing the contracts for Pendragon Variety's upcoming e-book release, now that the accepted stories have been chosen by our PV team. I will be counting this towards my writing time because I feel like learning about and participating in the publishing process as a whole is beneficial for any writer. Also because I will literally be writing, it just won't be fiction.


  1. I like to swap up stories when I edit as well, largely because what I write is so...large.

  2. Yes, spending 100% of the time on a single story can be emotionally draining!