Friday, April 6, 2012

Marathon 2!

This is my second night of my writing Marathon, and I'm happy to report that I wrote for just under an hour. I'm not quite as thrilled with how late it is, but that's because the kids went to bed late and I got carried away with writing.

Tonight I wrote the rough draft of my review for Leah Petersen's fantastic book, "Fighting Gravity." It was one of those books where, when I write the review, I'm trying really hard not to sound like a rabid fan girl. But seriously, the book deserves the praise.

I also took some notes for my plans to revise "To Save Samantha." I need to rip out a scene in the middle and I've got some conflicting ideas for what to replace it with. When the story requires me to go in a completely different direction that I had originally envisioned, it usually takes me at least a day to chose and get over my choice.

Now it is bed time for Mommies!

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