Saturday, February 5, 2011

Question for Writers: Lost Chameleon or Master Spy?

Imagine a character who is a social chameleon. They're one of those people that everyone likes, when they want to be liked. They pick up easily on accents, lingo, mannerisms, and all that good stuff. Not only that, but they appreciate the value of their talents and use it to get ahead in life. Perhaps they pull scams, or perhaps they work for the CIA.

If this were your character, would they have a stable central personality, or serious identity issues? A character with a stable personality might have more to lose, like a significant other, while the lost chameleon might have more trouble choosing between two dates. Both can easily get tangled in their own web of lies. Which would you write?

Feel free to answer/ramble in the comments. If the question inspires a Flash Friday or something similar, feel free to link to your story in the comments and please link back to here on the applicable webpage.

Ready. Set. GO.

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