Saturday, February 26, 2011

Question for Writers: Emotional or Physical Trauma?

The climax of the story will probably involve both physical and emotional challenges for your protagonist. She'll likely face death and the knowledge that she failed to save her son. He'll likely face torture and the inability to warn his comrades that the enemy is coming. That sort of thing.

But for the rest of the story, for all those little bumps in the road that accumulate against your protagonist, do you focus on physical or emotional threats? If you could only utilize one kind, which would you chose?

How does the genre impact your decision? Romantic comedies are usually sans explosions, while action-adventure usually simplify getting the girl. So, would you rather write the guy who feels guilty because he betrayed his ally, or the gal who has to escape kidnappers?

Feel free to answer/ramble in the comments. If the question inspires a Flash Friday or something similar, feel free to link to your story in the comments and please link back to here on the applicable webpage.

Ready. Set. GO.

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