Saturday, December 3, 2016

Review: Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thompson @writerstarr

I’m excited to share a wonderful Christian fantasy trilogy by homeschool graduate Rachel Starr Thomson. In other words, as a second-generation homeschooler and a Christian and a speculative fiction lover, I am THE market for this book. However, as a voracious reader and long-time reviewer of speculative fiction, I am also very picky. It is rare for me to find a series that both meets my high expectations and gives kudos to Christianity and homeschooling.

Worlds Unseen (The Seventh World Trilogy Book 1) by Rachel Starr Thomson is a story of darkness versus the light. It’s good versus bad, and I’m happy to see archetypes and imagery reminiscent of Celtic and medieval fairy tales.

Maggie Sheffield begins as a subtly weak character, often being saved by other characters and never the first one to speak up or take that leap. Halfway through the narrative she reaches an epiphany and becomes a purposeful, strong character. Her actions early in the novel hint at this potential - she is the one who offers to take on a dangerous mission, and we know early on that she is no stranger to adventure/trauma.

Worlds Unseen is a great epic fantasy read for adults (and young adults) who enjoyed C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia as a kid.

Author Rachel Starr Thompson has many other books and an active mailing list, all of which can be found at

Worlds Unseen blurb:

Beauty and terror await beyond the veil in this classic Christian fantasy.

The Council for Exploration Into Worlds Unseen believed there was more to reality than the Empire had taught them—but when they came a little too close to the truth, tragedy ended their work, leaving the terrifying and beautiful world behind their own still hidden.

Forty years later, one of the last Council members entrusts an ancient relic to the orphaned young woman Maggie Sheffield: a scroll that reveals the truth at last. Along with Nicolas Fisher, a Gypsy who hears things no one else can, Maggie sets out on a journey across the Seventh World to deliver the scroll to those who can use it.

But the price of truth may be too high: for Maggie and Nicolas are tearing at the Veil between the seen and the unseen, between good and evil, between forgotten past and treacherous future. 

Monstrous forces are already on their trail.

And when the Veil grows thin enough, it’s anyone’s guess what may come through.
WORLDS UNSEEN is the first book in The Seventh World Trilogy, a Christian fantasy adventure with hints of steampunk and depths of spiritual truth. If you love page-turning action, memorable characters, and inspirational fiction that confronts darkness, reveals breathtaking beauty, and moves your heart to connect more deeply with God, this series is for you.

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