Friday, May 25, 2012

Writing Marathon 49

Today's Writing: 15 minutes of outlining.

Remember how I had notecards for "The Rent-A-Mech and the Stablehand"? Well, those notecards were sitting in front of the computer at perfect toddler height. Then they were on the floor, all out of order. Then they were up on a shelf, still out of order, but at least also out of reach. Now it has been long enough since I wrote them that other objects had been placed on top. I figured I'd better type them in. This has also given me a chance to review my ideas, gauging their level of awesome. I'm thinking that these 5 scenes fall incredibly short of the number of scenes needed to finish the story, which is one reason why I've been letting it sit. They are scenes like: "Bruce is arrested." I may as well have written "good luck with that" underneath. There are also lots of transition scenes missing. I'm going to have to think on the whole project more before I delve back in. Don't even get me started on that last scene I wrote, which I then immediately highlighted and noted: "change from transition to scene." But at least I have some ideas to spring board off of. Wish me luck!

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