Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writing Marathon 34

16 minutes. Wrote a flash piece that I've been thinking about for two days. Not at all satisfied with it. I'll sleep on it, I guess?

The baby has been destroying my ability to write. He's been fussy about bed time, requiring me to stay with him longer and causing me to fall asleep in the quiet, dark room! I have ideas but when I go to write them, the sentences trip over themselves and fall flat on their faces. Snoring. Haha. I think he is coming back out of this phase already, as things with young children are always changing, sometimes because you adjust and do something different and it works better. Tonight I put them to bed 20 minutes later and he went to bed much more quickly. I suppose that is like leaving for work ten minutes later to skip all the traffic.

While I am getting my head back in the game, I think I'll revisit outlines that need more note carding so that I can focus on the part of the writing process that is working for me right now: ideas.

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