Saturday, February 25, 2012

YA Report: Fair Coin by E.C. Myers

I thoroughly enjoyed "Fair Coin" by E. C. Myers and I'm pleased to point you to my review:

Ephraim’s world is shattered when he comes home to find his mother has tried to kill herself. Mysteriously, the suicide attempt was prompted by a case of mistaken identity -- there seem to be two Ephraims, and one of them was hit by a bus and killed earlier that day. Yet, having a doppelganger hardly seems to matter when Ephraim finds a magic coin that grants his wishes, for better or for worse.

Head on over to the SFFWRTCHT blog to read the rest of the review!

Visit E. C. Myers’ website at to find out more about “Fair Coin,” the upcoming sequel Quantum Coin, and his impressive array of published short fiction. You can also find him on twitter @ecmyers . Star Trek fans should check out his OS re-watch reviews at

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