Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Friday: "There Are No More Falls"

When they remade the Earth they made it perfectly spherical, like a an old globe painted on the smooth shell of an egg. There are no majestic mountains, no jagged ravines, and no picturesque dells.

The cabin where we went fishing on Monday is still there, but there is no waterfall because there are no more waterfalls. In its place is a placid river like a finger trailed through a wet bowl of sand.

Remember how our vacation was almost delayed? If they had canceled the flight like they threatened to, you would have been sitting beside me on our couch at home when the Apocalypse came, and not now buried under a fresh mound of earth beside the cabin. Instead, my mind’s eye plays a perfect recording of your slip on the rocks as you overcast your line.

Now the grave is flattened like the falls, and both are a mockery of your death. But the world is not featureless so much as pressed down as if under a putty knife. It is still made of dirt, rock, and water.

Tomorrow, I bring a shovel, and gravity will do the rest.

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