Thursday, July 7, 2011

TNG Ep. 30: The Outrageous Okona

Summary: The Enterprise stops to help repair a small vessel, but in doing so finds itself in the middle of a political argument. Two separate governing bodies demand to take custody of the vessel's rouge occupant, Okona. Did Okona steal the crown jewel? Did he impregnate the young princess? Nope and nope. Okona reveals that the two "crimes" are actually the result of a secret love affair between the princess and the rival prince.

Ok, this one is kind of ridiculous, but it was also fun. Who is Okona and why do we care? It's not like he's trying to reach a parallel dimension or anything. Ha.

I enjoyed the character, though. He reminds me of Han Solo and Wesley from Princess Bride. He's like what they wanted to make Riker be, but then they realized that such a man would never make it to second in command. Or attract the likes of Troi. But I digress.

I totally guessed that the crimes were false accusations! Usually it's bad if I guess stuff, but since there were young lovers involved, I was willing to suspend my disbelief. Or maybe the previous episode was so incredibly bad that almost anything looks acceptable by comparison.

I also caught it when Okona was playing with the all-important jewel. Dang. I guess I just liked the man's smile or something.

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