Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Flash #2: A Different Lover

"A Different Lover"

I wouldn't say that my wife and I have grown apart, but I would say that I don't know her anymore.

We met at church when we were both 16. At 17 she noticed that she could no longer read in the car without feeling nauseous. We laughed about getting old.

Now we're both 42 and I've got arthritis and bifocals. My wife has the same contacts prescription as she did five years ago and her hair still hasn't gone grey. At first I thought she must be lucky. Good genes. Active life style.

Today she's been reading in the car. For two hours. Three more hours until we reach Washington DC. It had been her turn to choose our vacation spot and now I wonder...


  1. Maybe she's getting younger on you, lucky fella.

    Caught a little typo: "chose" for "choose" in last paragraph. Hope it's not offensive to point out.

  2. Thanks! I've fixed it, now.

    Hmn, guess that would be the happiest possible ending, right? ;)

  3. 42 with arthritis and bifocals??? Lordy! It was another 8 years before I started talking about that stuff - I need that woman's secret!

  4. Haha! Even if her secret is being an alien?