Saturday, November 6, 2010

Editing round 1... Go!

I had to stop working on the novel I was writing in order to move house. I also went out of state twice in the span of two months. Therefore... I've lost the momentum to work on that novel at the moment, but that's ok because I have other projects I can work on that don't necessarily require a daily word count.

For instance, editing (and then submitting). I went through my stories on google docs and made a kind of line up for what I want to edit next. I have two short stories that should be nearing their final drafts, so those are first. I also counted at least 4 novellas/novels 30-50k each and one or two flash pieces that I'm still not happy with. I was a little surprised to see how many longer works there are proportionately speaking (long by my standards). There might be a couple more that got left behind when I transitioned to google docs over six months ago, but maybe they're in my email somewhere...

I also received a rejection for a novella I submitted many months ago, so that one can go back out into the world as soon as I find an appropriate publication. It's a kind of mythos fantasy set in a world closely resembling ours. I'll be searching good old for a good publication.

Lastly, I attended a writer's group meeting put together by some friends. I promised to edit one of the short stories by the next meeting in two weeks, which really means I should have in ready in a week to a week and a half. Nothing wrong with a little extra motivation, and a deadline!

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