Saturday, December 15, 2007

Works in Progress

I've been working on creating and outlining basic plots for several new stories. I've done some writing of the actual drafts as well, but mostly just written down the details of the world and what not so that I might pick up any of the stories at any time. You can consider each title a working title. Here is a synopsis for each:

"Bowling with Aliens"
Reena hates the bungles, short bowling-ball shaped aliens who have alleviated many of Earth's social ills in return for human labor.
Progress: Draft begun: 2,900 words

Eten and his wife Itonia fight through a difficult pregnancy to give birth to a child who holds the secret for escaping a pervasive symbiote that perverts the meaning of life and death.

Cherel thinks she's going crazy when she meets a humanoid life form that sneaks into her house at night looking for "ripples" in space-time.

A lone traveler in the desert falls prey to the Travelers who seek to pass on their obsession with a certain well-guarded apple tree in the hopes of getting rid of their own desire.

"The Messenger's Plight"
Chemaux finds herself pursued when she agrees to carry a letter for a stranger in return for desperately needed aid. An illustration related to this story can be found here.

"Standing Out"
A small, bird-like creature breaks open the simple lives of a hidden steppes village when its pursuers trip the intruder alerts.

I also wrote several comic scripts for a comic based on "The Lost Sheep Trilogy". I figured that the original had such a bad, redundant plot that it would do better as a sci-fi parody. Also, the characters are fun to joke around with.

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