Saturday, May 12, 2007

50-card Pickup

We are currently fine-tuning the rules for the game and creating templates for the proto-type cards. Although we had to extend the art contest for the game due to Vicki's surgery and to receiving fewer entries than we had hoped, we are using the submissions that we do have to create the proto-type cards, and I have drawn a few filler images for some of the missing cards.

I have created several clay models for the candles but have not made any molds yet.

I have also been drawing concept art for Vicki's game that she is co-developing, Lights of Myndell.

Also, the webcomic that I write for and Nuri draws, Seeing in Stereo, has been released. And for our ArtistAlley podcast, we're doing several episodes on selling at cons.

Lastly, Vicki created a redirect page from my old site. <3

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