Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Earth Star by Janet Edwards

To celebrate the upcoming September 8th release of Earth Flight, the conclusion to the Earth Girl trilogy, I'm reblogging my reviews of Earth Girl (Book 1) and Earth Star (Book 2).

Review originally appeared at SFFWrtCht.

Earth Star by Janet EdwardsWith Earth Star, the engaging sequel to Earth Girl, Janet Edwards brings us a completely different sort of SF adventure while continuing the themes of discrimination, self discovery, and the emerging theme of commitment. In Earth Star Jarra suddenly finds her military connections to be of great importance as she attempts to connect the distant past with a military mystery of the present in the hopes of avoiding a future disaster. Jarra has matured as a character over the previous book yet still acts her age as she confronts a variety of personal challenges, from boyfriend to bullying issues.
The theme of discrimination has matured along with Jarra, exploring the systemic nature of such societal ills, including personal attacks directed at Jarra for her ape status. These attacks endanger not only Jarra but the mission at hand, and in turn the safety of the Earth itself. Her Earth-bound status also enters into her developing relationship, though for more practical reasons, and is one of the barriers to commitment she must overcome. Jarra also faces a phobia that threatens her ability to perform her duty, which is as dangerous as ever.

Find out if Jarra can live up to her new-found hero status in this excellently written, fast paced, hard SF adventure.

Earth Girl
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Earth Star
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Earth Flight
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Janet Edwards
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