Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review: Cracked by Eliza Crewe

Hello, folks! I am happy to post a review for YA Report and even happier that "Cracked" by Eliza Crewe is a distinctly Christian book:

Cracked, Book One of the Soul Eaters Series by Eliza Crewe, is a Christian urban fantasy where the fight against good and evil is quite literal. Meda, our antihero protagonist, begins the novel as a soul eater on the run after having lost her only connection to the human world. During one of her feedings, she attracts the attention of both the Demons and the Templars, two sides in a war that she didn’t even know existed. When teen Templar Chi mistakes her for a hapless human victim, Meda decides to roll with it and return with him to Templar head quarters, where she hopes to learn more about her own powers and the powers that be. Her arrival tips the war off balance and soon she must chose sides. No matter what she chooses, her life will be in danger.

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If you're wondering about the gap between this and my last YA Report review, the reason is mostly bad luck. There was a rush of wonderful books released in the beginning of the year, and I'm sure there's been some great releases since my last review, but I haven't seen any of them until now. I have received several automated ARCs that were sequels to books I didn't like. If you ever have a book to recommend, shoot me an email at mr.mulington.the.3rd(at)

Happy Thanksgiving, every one!

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