Friday, May 31, 2013

I was productive except for Dr. Who

After a flurry of editing, submitting, reviewing, etc., I treated myself by catching up on this past season of Dr. Who. By no coincidence, this coincided with a week where the kiddos woke up an hour early, didn't nap, or went to bed late every day of a week. They are back on schedule now, and so am I! I have been finalizing the ebook for Pendragon Variety - Issue #1 - In Memory of Dragons. Copyediting and ebook coding has been a wonderful adventure. I'll let you know when it's for sale!

Me on the interwebs:

YA Report: "Never" by K. D. McEntire

YA Report: "Cascade Effect" by Leah Petersen
OSC Intergalactic Medicine Show #33 (May/June 2013)
Fantasy & Science Fiction - May/June 2013
(The above review was mentioned at!)

I just received an acceptance for one of my flash submissions! More details to come.

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