Friday, February 1, 2013

Days of the Week

So, having certain days slated for certain types of writing - like submitting stories on Tuesdays, fiction writing/editing on wed., etc - Yeah. Totally not working out. It is such a joke at this point that I'm abandoning the idea entirely. I thought it would help me keep track of all of my different projects, since I tend to go all out on one or two at a time and sometimes leave another by the wayside. The problem is, that's also the best way for me to finish a project. All at once, over the span of a day or three. If the project is something like a short story, then I tend to work a few days on the first draft, then shelf it for a week, then another solid block of days. And then there's new exciting projects that come up with a short deadline, or I have to wait for a magazine to be released before I can review it, etc. etc.

I tried something different and it didn't work. I'll have to go back to something that meshes with my natural way of doing things. The weekly planning calendar had worked for a while, and part of the reason it stopped working is because I rearranged small pieces of furniture and appliances and, well, made it even harder to reach. Go me! When I was doing the calendar, I was also trying to do different things just about every day, though, and the biggest difference was that being flexible didn't render it useless.

This time I'm going for something more to the point. I really do forget projects entirely. That's one of the reasons I love to do things like write and schedule out a month's worth of the Girl, That's Pinteresting blog at a time. Then I don't have to remember it for a month! So, I'm going to try keeping a Goals list. I've tried to keep goal lists before and they haven't worked because I'll put too many things on there and then get mad at myself when a seriously peripheral project doesn't get worked on at all for months. Yeah, well! Self! Get over it! I'm going to focus on what I think I can get done over the next week or so to keep my goals down to something manageable. Already started with a list of 6 and got it down to 4! Oh, geez. I just remembered something. I guess I should add that, too. Haha!


  1. For me I can enshrine a time of day as relating to an activity, like composition or exercise, but not a day of the week. I think it's because my brain wires to daily habits. Emotionally, it barely believes weekends exist.

  2. The nightly writing definitely works wonders for me. But I am easily distracted and honestly forget about this or that project or don't realize it's been so long since I worked on it last. Hopefully a SHORT goals list will help with that.