Friday, January 11, 2013

Short Story Editing!

You can tell by the title what I'm most proud of this week. Not only did I cut a recent short story down to the bone, but I did it in a solid two hour block. I'd already done several editing passes over a month ago and I find that the "last" edit goes best if I devote a lot of time all at once and feel like I'm dying at the end of it. Seeing the same words so many times makes me feel less attached to them and leaves me able to "kill my darlings". Then I finally send it off to beta readers. I wonder if this strikes a cord with other writers?

A serious editing session like that leaves me feeling overextended and I have to do something else the next night. And that's only a 5k story. It pains me to fathom how novelists do it.

To follow up, I've been researching markets for this story and ran a 3k one through the ringer while I still had the drive. Now I need to switch to review mode again. I've just read a lovely futuristic YA novel, "Earth Girl" by Janet Edwards, although the review likely won't be coming out until February or March. I'll also be reviewing a few scifi/fantasy magazines this month.

PS. My review for FWOS also came out this week! It's the first in a self-published, Science Fantasy series.

PPS. And somewhere in between all that, I have 10 days left to get an audio recording of a short story out to a podcast! Yay!

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