Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 43: (re)structuring a short story

So, about that 5000 words. I erased all but 1500 of it for a restructuring that should reign in the word count. I'm not the queen of math, but I'm back up to 2800 words and diving into the climax. I don't consider the trashed bits a total waste, either. That is the down side to discovery writing. At least I worked out a lot about the characters and their previous relationships.

In this rewrite, we don't leave important characters behind in the beginning. That solves the problem of how to get them back in for the rescue at the end. It also means that the MC spends less time interacting with lower tier characters who, while important to him, have little direct power over the outcome of the story. Sucks to be a human in an urban fantasy,  eh?

Hopefully my biggest challenge now will be balancing back story with all this life threatening action ;)

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