Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Determined not to be a Bust!

Writing Marathon, Day 39: I'm glad I made time to write a bit this morning, because this evening is a no go. If I had waited until now, I'm sure I wouldn't have even gotten 300 words. Generally, I have made great progress on this short story over the last couple of nights: about 3000 words and endless brainstorming to work out plot kinks. I feel like I have the garden of forking paths crammed in my head, and its the gardener's day off!

The plan is to finish the 1st draft this week, then write a few nonfiction articles, then editing - if not this current WIP, then People of the Sea, which has been waiting around, pouting over my shoulder for over a month now.

My submission goals? I'm calling those a bust for now.

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