Monday, March 19, 2012

YA Report: Forsaken Harbor by Laura Kreitzer

Check out my review of Forsaken Harbor at @sffwrtcht :

What really sold me on Forsaken Harbor was Julian, the love interest with a moral dilemma the size of Einstein’s hair. Summer thinks she doesn’t know how she feels because she has feelings for two boys. Julian thinks he doesn’t know how he feels because he knows that his feelings have been toyed with on a neurological level. And if The Secret Clock Society can plant feelings, what’s to stop them from manipulating Julian into betraying the one that he thinks he loves? Talk about raising the stakes!

Check out Laura Kreitzer's website at where you can find many of Laura Kreitzer's novels in formats from ebook to audio book, and, of course, the Summer Chronicles. You can also find her on twitter as @laurakreitzer

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