Saturday, April 30, 2011

Questions for Writers: Different Colored Masks

So let's say you have a character that's doing a little bit of superhero work, even if they're not a superhero in the strict, power-wielding sense. Maybe they're stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, or attending clandestine meetings that help save the world. Whatever it is, your hero wants to hide his true identity with, at the very least, a mask. What colors might be interesting for your character to wear?

I mean, sure, there's always the black mask. The bad guys always seem to have them. And Zoro. And Westly from the Princess Bride. Yeah, there's a lot of black masks going around. I'm sure that's because their wearers can hide better in the dark, or want to present an ominous front, or blah blah BORING.

Give me MAROON. Give me FOREST GREEN. Give me CHARTREUSE. But not necessarily in all caps.

What could your character wear to give them a little, well, character?


  1. Great post! I don't like characters that wear a black mask. Shades of gray are more believable for the antagonist. Even the bad guys have an ounce of good.

    The multi colored jester hat makes me think of humorous characters. Especially if the story is dark I think a little comic relief is necessary.

  2. Red and orange portray power to me so if the character was strong I would go with those. He certainly would not be able to hide as well as in a colour like black though!